Nowadays, boxing has become a multi-million dollar type of sport that has successfully captured the interest of many people around the world. Nevertheless, boxing today is mired in stories of controversy and controversy, and, of course, hostility. Maybe the very fact that this is a tough sport, combat plays an important role in making the noise that exists in the world of boxing today.

The history of boxing is one of the oldest contact sports known in human history. Although it cannot be said with certainty that even then boxing was a permanent sport with rules and regulations. Evidence that boxing existed is the finds found in archaeological excavations of ancient Egypt, Berbers, Sumerian, Greek and Mediterranean civilizations. The first reminiscences about boxing are dated to 1500 BC and 3000 BC Therefore, we can safely say boxing was born about 3000 BC. That is, it is about 5 thousand years old.

The difference between modern and ancient boxing

There is a huge difference between the box that we used to see today and that which was several thousand years ago. The fight itself was different, without any special clothing or accessories. The ancient boxers apparently did not use boxing gloves, helmets and all modern ammunition. In fact, boxing was not always called boxing. In ancient Greek, Roman times, a sport in which fists beat an opponent was called fist fights. In addition, the rules of ancient boxing were very different from those of today. The fights were not divided into rounds and there was no defeat as such. The fight lasted until that time until one of the opponents refused to fight and in extreme cases until the death of the enemy. Ancient boxing was more brutal than modern. Boxer fists wrapped with strips of leather. Ancient gloves could even be spiked, which caused fatal pain. There is no such thing in modern boxing.

The ups and downs of boxing

Ultimately, boxing has become extremely popular in all classes of society. He achieved so much high popularity that approximately in 688 BC was officially adopted as an Olympic sport. Boxing was also used in cases where convicts or slaves wanted to prove their innocence and win their freedom. In the history of boxing was banned three times: Caesar, Theodosius and Theodoric the Great. Although boxing almost disappeared after the fall of the Roman Empire, there were a lot of stray fisticuffs around the world. The first official boxing match was held in 1681. The first champion in boxing was James Figg in 1719. Since then, boxing has become famous for the sport, which is facilitated by the huge amount of money and fame that a boxer receives as soon as he becomes a winner.

Modern boxing

Modern boxing is very different from ancient boxing. Various rules and regulations have significantly reduced the chances of a serious injury to a boxer’s health. Today, gloves and protective accessories are required. In addition, at the slightest fear that the boxer is injured, the fight is stopped, not bringing him to death. Today there are two types of boxing: amateur and professional. Amateur boxing is common in schools, universities, as well as in the Olympics. Professional boxing is much more serious and many security tools are missing. As a sport, boxing gave the world great people and great athletes. These are people who fought for courage and glory.

How much did you earn on the first championship fight

Some more than 100 years ago, despite the growing interest, there were no uniform rules or regulations in the organization of boxing fights. The decision to create a body that will control the boxing movement literally hung in the air, and in 1921 the National Boxing Association (NAB) appeared, surviving to the present day as the World Boxing Association or WBA. It was formed by representatives from 13 US states. The first championship fight under the jurisdiction of the NAB was organized in a heavy weight between the American Jack Dempsey, who worked for 19 years as an auxiliary worker at the mines, and the Frenchman Georges Carpentier, who fought in World War I. The organizers not only didn’t have any money left over, but also made a record profit – more than a million dollars, which at that time was just a crazy amount. This evening, when O’Gatti and Beers also entered the ring, was the first to be watched by America’s listeners! And this broadcast also contributed to the rise in popularity of boxing in the New World.

Boxing is a sport that makes millions of eyes following the movements in the ring. Speaking of boxing, we can mentioned the names of the Klichko brothers, Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali, Roy Jones, Lennox Lewis, Alexander Usik and many others immediately surface. About this sport dozens of films were shot: the cycle “Rocky”, “Ali”, “Baby in a million”, “Raging Bull”, “Boxer”, etc. Lists can be continued for a long time, and disputes about which of the screen versions better conveys the world of boxing are eternal. However, the universe of boxing is not only an exciting fight, but many other interesting events that we will tell about today.

“Old Mongoose”

Archie Moore, or as he was called, “The Old Mongoose” is known to the boxing world as one of the few boxers whose career exceeds 20 years and the trainer of Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. The mentor had something to tell the younger generation. A boxer in his career went into the ring 219 times and scored 185 victories, 131 of them – by knockout.

Take a punch!

The real legend is Lamar Clark, who set a record for the number of knockouts in a row – 44. Six of them occurred in 1 evening in the ring in Bingham, USA.

Victory price

The largest fee for winning the battle was awarded to Mike Tyson, who defeated Lennox Lewis in 2002. The amount was no less than $ 35 million.

This is not 12 rounds for 3 minutes

The world knows the longest battle time – 7 hours 19 minutes. In 1893, on April 6 at 21.15, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke entered the ring in New Orleans, USA. The fight lasted until 4.34 and was stopped by the referee, who declared a draw, after 110 rounds, as the boxers no longer showed any active actions. Not surprisingly, the former activity after 7 hours of battle was gone!

The shortest match

In anticipation of the long-awaited battle, the viewers tend to predict its outcome. However, in 1900, April 6 (Does this date seem to be mystical? April 6? The previous record was also April 6, a coincidence?) James J. Jeffreys and Jack Finnegan met in the ring for the World Heavyweight Championship title. . James J. Jeffreys, perhaps, was in a hurry somewhere, so in a short 55 seconds he sent the opponent in a knockout. On the other hand, why stretch?

Tallest boxer

If you ask the audience the name of the highest boxer, then the majority will answer – Nikolay Valuev, whose height is 2.12 meters. But this is not quite so. The world famous Romanian heavyweight Gogya Mitu, whose height, depending on the sources, was 2.36 m or 2.42 m. Gogya Mitu died in 1936 at the dawn of his career and therefore is not as well known to the world as Valuev.

Size matters

If we talk about heroic size, then a boxer stands out immediately: Sunny Liston – the owner of a fist with a diameter of 38 cm and George Foreman – whose biceps are 50 cm.

Rules, there are rules

In the 19th century, namely 1867, John Sholto Douglas sponsored a project to develop a set of rules for boxing. Douglas entrusted this responsible mission to John Graham Chambers, who was at that time in the Athletic Club. That is precisely the collection of rules that boxers around the world use now.

Gloves bring change

In the first mentions of boxing, and this is the 3rd-2nd century BC, boxers fought with their bare fists or used leather overlays on their hands instead of gloves. During the spurt, the participants injured their hands, which significantly reduced the chances of winning. This continued until the 20s of the twentieth century until the first models of modern boxing gloves appeared. They negate the possibility of injury to the hands and increase the force of the blow. Gloves also caused the displacement of areas of impact. In the era of “bare” hands, the battle was focused on the body, and with the advent of the era of gloves moved to the head area.

Do not fist one

Jokes and anecdotes about the intellectual abilities of boxers (of course you can only release them when they are not there, for security reasons) do not subside. This is explained by numerous blows to the head of athletes during training and fighting. In 2003, in order to correct the injustice, regarding the undervalued mental abilities of boxers and to get rid of ridicule, a new discipline was created – the chess box. She combines boxing fights in the ring and chess competitions at the table. The bout consists of 11 rounds: even – boxing competitions in the ring, odd – mental, at the chess table. Rummaging through the history of boxing, you can stumble upon hundreds of interesting and incredible a fact about which little is known.

Boxing gloves history

What are boxing gloves for? Most people who are far from boxing believe that in order to soften the blows and, accordingly, for the safety of the athlete who missed the blow. This is not the case – gloves are designed primarily for hand protection. Moreover, doctors say that after the boxers began to enter the ring with gloves, the number of deaths increased dramatically. When struck to the head with knuckles, without gloves, it was possible to seriously injure the arm therefore such blows were made less frequently. The weight of boxing gloves is measured in ounces (one ounce is just over 28 grams). In this case, according to the rules of boxing, the weight should be equal only to an even number of ounces. American professional heavyweight boxer John Sullivan was the first athlete in the United States to earn $ 1,000,000. But, he entered the history of boxing not only because of this fact: Sullivan was also the last world champion in heavyweight boxing without gloves. It happened in 1889. And the first official world champion in gloves was James Corbett. September 7, 1892 in the battle for the champion title, he defeated the very John Sullivan. In addition, Corbett is considered the inventor of the punching bag.

In England, boxing gloves appeared in the XV century. They were sewn from leather and stuffed with horsehair, but such gloves were used only for training, it was customary to go to the ring with bare fists. To strengthen their hands, the boxers rubbed their hands with a special solution, which was based on vodka and vinegar. Only in 1867, the Marquis of Queensberry proposed using gloves in boxing fights. In 1747, the well-known English boxer Jack Brauton opened a school where anyone could learn the art of boxing. The ad said that the classes would include “mittens that will reliably prevent bruises from under the eyes, broken jaws and blood from the nose”. Horsehair has long been the main filler of gloves.

Virtually every manufacturer uses its own composition, which is a kind of “trademark”. In addition, there is no division into gloves for male and female boxing. In 1971, the legendary Mohammed Ali suffered the first defeat in his career. He was defeated by no less famous Joe Frazier. The fight, called the “duel of the century” was broadcast on 35 countries around the world. Despite the fact that Ali had spent far from the best match, the gloves in which he entered the ring were sold at an auction in 2014. A wealthy collector, Jeff Rosenberg, laid out nearly 400,000 dollars for them. Two years later, he profitably resold them. The buyer, who decided not to give his name, has already paid $ 606,375. Mohammed Ali’s gloves are generally very popular with rich boxing fans. For example, gloves, in which he in 1964 went to battle with Sonny Liston, went for 836,500 dollars.